A Weekend Full of Emotions for the Lobina Family

A Weekend Full of Emotions for the Lobina Family

A Weekend Full of Emotions for the Lobina Family

It’s been a weekend full of emotions for the Lobina family.
On July 6th we celebrated the arrival of Giorgio Americo, the fourth generation in the Lobina line.

But then, Sunday, July 7th proved to be yet another intense day of emotions for Joanne Lobina who is bravely battling cancer after her Caribbean dream holiday turned into a terrible nightmare.

Joanne is the sister-in-law of Simon – the owner of Lobina Transport – and you can read her full story on her Just Giving page. Just to let you know, what she actually shares in her story is nowhere close to the reality of her horrific experience.

Six months into her battle against this ugly illness, she is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, the kind that makes you lose your hair. So, instead of waiting around for it to fall out, she has decided to take action and create a fund-raising event called ‘Shave to Raise’.

After sharing her decision with her family, she was overwhelmed that several relatives decided to join her and shave their heads for charity too.

They were full of admiration for her strength but also didn’t want to leave her alone to face this drastic change, because let’s face it ‘it ain’t an easy step to take’.

Alongside Joanne were her aunty Julie Reeve, who is also going through her own cancer battle; her cousin, Simon Smithurst who is a barber by profession and gladly volunteered to bring his clippers along with him; her husband Lorenzo Lobina; her in-laws Gino & Francesca Lobina and a family friend, Vaidas Bernotas.

The charity she has decided to support is Macmillan Cancer Support. Through the power of social media, word has spread of her fund-raising drive. Her family, friends, acquaintances and other wonderful people we do not know, have simply overwhelmed her with their generosity.

Joanne is a fighter. The response to her appeal has lifted her spirits even further. All of us in the Lobina family, and especially Joanne, simply cannot thank everyone enough.

Read Joanne’s Story…

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