AOG – Lobina helps customer avoid risk of costly delays despite unexpected complications

AOG – Lobina helps customer avoid risk of costly delays despite unexpected complications

AOG – Lobina helps customer avoid risk of costly delays despite unexpected complications

At Lobina, we understand that our clients want to spend time with their families at Christmas rather than sort out AOG issues. That’s why  – whatever the time of year – we are on hand to help solve your AOG transportation requirements so costly delays are avoided.

The Request

‘Twas the night before Christmas… well, almost  as it was actually Friday 21/12 @17.45 when we received the request to collect an oversized cowl from Spain and deliver it to Switzerland by 26th December!

The AOG cargo was extremely critical so both road and air charter options were considered. The Lobina team went to work immediately to make sure that both options were investigated and relevant permits and permissions were in place.

The Challenges

Several challenges needed to be overcome by the Lobina team to ensure that the cargo could be transported. These included:

  • Sourcing air charter options
  • Arranging oversized vehicles with the relevant permits
  • Finding drivers willing to skip Christmas away from family and with full available driving hours
  • Ensuring the entrance to the border between France and Switzerland would be open
  • Confirming that customs at the Swiss Border would be open
  • Organising police permits in three different Switzerland districts
  • Arranging a police escort in Switzerland for the oversized load.
The Solution

22/12 @18.10 – Several calls and emails were exchanged with the client throughout the day whilst Lobina put together three transportation options. It was during this process that the the air charter option was ruled out as there was no guarantee of availablility nor option to allow this AOG delivery to be on time.

23/12 @11.43 – The client’s go ahead for their preferred option was received with a slight glitch that the cargo was going to be ready later than originally expected! We then proceeded with:

  • Preparation of Export Documents
  • Collection of necessary documents for Airport Entrance Authorisations
  • Constant communications with driver and client

23/12 @20.10 – The cowl was loaded and on its way to Switzerland… Phew… Click to discover how we monitored this shipment

While it is standard procedure for Lobina to monitor all shipments for peace of mind, on this occasion extra special attention was given.

During  the time between the truck leaving and arriving at the border, there was a constant flow of communications ensuring that everything was running smoothly – with Christmas Day being no exception!

The Unexpected

26/12 @03:48 – The driver arrived at the French / Swiss Border and was instructed to wait.

26/12 @05.40 – Driver communicated the news that no-one wanted to hear… that the entrance to the Swiss Border had been blocked.  Click to learn how our contingency planning enabled us to overcome this unexpected event

As it is normal procedure for custom borders to be closed in festive periods, Lobina’s team had been in communication with the customs clearance office before the shipment’s departure. However, we had been given assurance that everything would be fine and phone number to use in case of any complications.

When the drivers communicated that all entrances were blocked, we put our contingency plan into action. We first tried all the numbers that had been provided but on there being no answer, we found a new number to try.

Whilst the gentleman we spoke to was really polite, he confirmed what the driver had told us, and added when the border would reopen on the 28th; turning a bad situation into worse one!

26/12 @05.55 – Confirmation was received from Swiss Border Security that the border would not re-open until Thursday 28th December. The prospect that our client’s aeroplane would be grounded for another two days – and the potential costs this would cause them – meant we were determined to find a solution.

26/12 @ 06:49 – a lengthy phone call with the border’s higher management enabled us to explain the urgency of our shipment. We explained that we had previously been given assurances our delivery could pass and requesed permission to enter. 12 minutes later, we received the promising news that wheels were being put into motion, for the shipment’s entry into Switzerland.   Click to discover who we needed to communicate with to complete the shipment

At this point, we were in communication with all parties involved:

  • Control Tower at the Swiss Border – Permissions to Enter the Country
  • The Local Police – Authorisations of Permits for 3 Separate Districts
  • The Customs Agent – Completion of the Customs Clearance
  • The Client – Informing every step of the operation in detail
The Outcome

26/12 @11.05 – Persistence paid off as the truck finally made it to its destination and off-loaded successfully.

Mission accomplished! The cowl was delivered by its deadline, despite the unexpected complications. Lobina’s client was delighted to have the part delivered and to have avoided further, costly delays of an aircraft on ground (AOG).

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