celebrating 4th generation lobina transport

The 4th Generation Lobina Has Joined Our World

8th July 2019
To say Lobina is buzzing right now is a huge understatement because we have welcomed into our family, and who knows in the future perhaps to our company as well,  Giorgio Americo Lobina. Our little man arrived on Saturday 6th July @ 23.20h, both mother and child are doing extremely well and we are all super…

Why Failure Doesn’t Exist

4th July 2019
We’re delighted to be a major sponsor of Derbyshire Institute of Sport. We’re going on a journey with their talented young athletes and learning from the team of experts helping these sportsmen and sportswomen to be the best they can be. Today we’re featuring this article written exclusively for us by Dr Phil Clarke, a…

Lobina and Derbyshire Institute of Sport – The Perfect Partnership

25th June 2019
We’re thrilled to announce that Lobina is now a major sponsor of the Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS) – a unique organisation that helps talented Derbyshire youngsters becomes future world class athletes. Our managing director Luigi Lobina said the mission of DIS tugged at the heartstrings of everyone at the company and they wanted to…
Lobina Time Critical Transport Company Culture number 1

Why does having Fun Matter in Business?

13th February 2019
Company culture is what separates a business from its competitors. It’s all about HOW you do WHAT you do – and WHY you do it. We thought we’d break down for you the ‘Lobina way’ of doing things so we could show you what makes us different from many other companies. In the early days…
When Last Minute Problems Arise with transport- Count on Lobina to Act Swiftly

Constant Communication Keeps Customer Happy

7th January 2019
Problem: Last minute Problem - Client had been let down by another company Production line was being held up as the client waited for deliveries Why Lobina was the top choice to help: We provide fast options and get to work swiftly Our connections and experience allow us to source the transport and drivers needed…
Lobina time critical transport solutions three generations of experience

Three Generations of Experience

2nd January 2019
Gino Lobina laid the foundations for Lobina Transport when he moved from a little village in Sardinia, Italy, to England in the 1960s. His natural instinct to help people, and a hunger to carve out a better life for his young family, led to him importing top-quality food and drink from Italy and selling and…
Lobina Time Critical Transport deliveries into Paris Airport France

Lobina’s Christmas Solution Was A Gift To Stressed-out Client

20th December 2018
 Problem Aircraft on Ground: Aircraft on Ground just before Christmas, when many companies are shutting up shop. Oversized cargo needed moving from Scotland to Paris. Multiple challenges and complications out-of-hours and at the weekend. Why Lobina was the top choice to help: Lobina’s close relationships with trusted suppliers. Teamwork by Lobina round-the-clock as Christmas approached. Our…
Lobina transport vision and mission putting customer first

Lobina’s customers: always at the heart of our vision and mission

15th October 2018
We took a bit of time recently to reflect on our vision and our mission here at Lobina. It might seem obvious. We’re a logistics company. It’s our job to move things safely and efficiently from A to B. Well, we believe there’s more to it than that. We’re way more than just a logistics…
AOG: Avoiding costly delays with ‘Aircraft On Ground’ complications lobina transports

AOG: Avoiding costly delays with ‘Aircraft On Ground’ complications

10th October 2018
When you need to move aircraft parts FAST, in an AOG (Aircraft On Ground) situation, you need a company in your corner that can avoid the delays that quickly rack up BIG COSTS. Our energy, our passion to succeed and our LOVE of a challenge comes in really handy when our customers face a crisis…
customer needed us to get a freshly-roasted, 2kg chicken from London to Poland lobina transport

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

9th October 2018
The Challenge This was certainly one of our most unusual and urgent requests. A customer needed us to get a freshly-roasted, 2kg chicken from London to Poland so that a family didn’t miss out on their favourite dish at Christmas. As the client was in hurry to get the cooked chicken on its way, a…
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