Why does having Fun Matter in Business?

Why does having Fun Matter in Business?

Why does having Fun Matter in Business?

Company culture is what separates a business from its competitors. It’s all about HOW you do WHAT you do – and WHY you do it. We thought we’d break down for you the ‘Lobina way’ of doing things so we could show you what makes us different from many other companies.

In the early days of Lobina Transport we didn’t put a label on what we were doing and call it ‘creating a company culture’ but it definitely started with our founder Gino Lobina’s natural instinct to be helpful and treat others as he would want to be treated.

For us, our company culture is about how we treat our employees as well as our clients. Today, in the first of five articles, we’ll start with a look at why we think having fun really matters.

We have fun at work and enjoy each other’s company

Many bosses wish they knew how to make their employees leap from their beds, excited to come to work and do the best they can.

The famous American author of self-improvement books, Dale Carnegie, said: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

We agree, and that’s why we work hard to create an energetic, exciting atmosphere and keep our team inspired and well-motivated. This means that we believe that coming to work should be FUN.

Of course, we are doing a serious job that matters and we have to work hard and be focused on the end result, but we believe that keeping the atmosphere at work high-energy and fun helps everyone enjoy their work – and the results for our clients are fantastic.

If one of our team is feeling a bit down we all work together to put a smile back on their face and help them get back on top form. We are a close-knit team and, corny as it may sound, we do like each other and enjoy spending time together.

Everyone has a natural desire to be good at something and to end each day feeling proud of what they’ve achieved. So we make that happen for our employees by ensuring that they all understand their jobs and have all the skills and knowledge to do them. They also understand how their role fits in to the bigger picture. They need to feel supported, capable and confident so that they can win work and put transport options in place. We are proud that all our employees have a hunger to win and a determination to fight for the best possible outcome for every client.

Luigi Lobina says: “I remember my own light bulb moment soon after I joined the family firm in my teens. I won nine jobs in one day and that got me hooked on the thrill of chasing business, responding to requests and coming up with options that won us the contract.

“I want everyone in my team to feel that same adrenalin rush, which still powers me every day.”

If you would like to read more about the company culture at Lobina Transport, check out this LinkedIn article all about our ‘secret sauce’ by our President of Persistence, Luigi Lobina.

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