Covid-19 Active Response

At Lobina our mission is to help others at the time of their greatest needs, when crucial necessities need to be delivered fast.

A key aspect of how we work is our forward-thinking. With everything that is happening around Covid-19, this mindset has been pushed even further to ensure that we protect our people, customers and suppliers in every way we can.

Our senior team has been monitoring the developing Covid-19 situation since the beginning of January. This means that our contingency plans were actioned well before any Government directives were put in place. We’ve been working to ensure the safety of all parties and continuing to deliver the highest-quality service.

The first step we took was to organise efficient, remote, home-work stations. This means there has been no interruption to our services to clients. We made sure that each station was fully operational in order to provide a 24/7 response and immediate action.

We’ve implemented seamless communication channels to ensure full transparency on all elements of providing solutions for people and businesses facing time-critical and mission-critical challenges at this difficult time.

Our suppliers have received constant communication and education from us about the virus. In order to promote safe behaviours and the protection of people we’ve implemented:

Particular attention to frequent hand washing and use of antibacterial hand gels

Upgrading and increasing the frequency of deep cleaning of operation sites

Social distancing, keeping people two metres apart

Restricting access to our warehouse facilities to only necessary operations

Implementation of digital CMR & POD’S, where ever possible to avoid risk of virus transmission

Movements of drivers and suppliers are documented at every stage of collections and deliveries for their protection

Video conferencing to enable face-to-face communications to avoid close contact but keeping the human touch.

At Lobina we are determined to play our role in this unprecedented world crisis in the best way we can.

The words that sum up our core ethos are “There’s Always a Way”.

This phrase was born out of a personal family crisis, but it is what we live by and believe in with a passion. It resonates with our approach to helping those in need in today’s global crisis.

Everywhere we look today, we can see how people of all nations are coming together to play their part with the common goal of creating a better life for us all. We can only do this together – and you can always count on Lobina!

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You can contact us 24 hours a day for enquiries, support or item tracking. Logistics never sleep – and neither do we.

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