When your call of duty becomes a passion for improving lives,

you know you are on the right road…

No matter your role in today’s crisis, be proud, as you are making a difference!

Never has the passion been greater in prioritising the urgency and security of the movement of essential goods.

We are here to help you fulfil your vital transport commitments and with our ethos

There’s Always A Way”, together anything is possible!

When your delivery is crucial, there’s no time to waste…

Call us, to help solve your transport problem immediately and get your cargo moving ASAP.

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 Rapid response to your transport queries 24/7

Fast reliable solutions, to get your cargo on its way

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The human touch in an isolated world

Connecting people, and the things they urgently need, in the safest and fastest way possible has never been more important than it is today.

Our role as key-workers contributing to keeping the constant flow of the supplying chain moving goes beyond the call of duty.

Our work obligations have become a huge sense of pride, knowing we are improving lives with our actions

In a world made up of isolated remote home-work stations, more than ever the human touch is the crucial connection, for our overall well-being.

When your delivery is crucial.


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Rapid and flexible to the ever-changing conditions

So much is happening every day, that it can be difficult to stay updated.

The vital thing to remember with Lobina is that you can count on us to be at the end of a phone line when you need it most, day or night.

No matter the hour, we are always there ready to listen and act on your behalf.

Turning your problems into progress

Our passion for transport challenges is summed up by the phrase
There’s Always a Way

No stone is left unturned in finding a solution to your transport problem. We can:

Enhance your daily transport operations with our  “never give up” mindset

Boost and strengthen confidence with our determined “can do” approach

Provide reliable and trustworthy direction in difficult situations

Save you time and effort through our exceptional co-ordination abilities

Build healthy working relationships through our friendly operators

Achieve exciting new business goals through our excellent communication skills that prevent crisis situations

Increase productivity through the winning combination of all the points listed above

Connecting people and the


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Communication is key

The crucial connection that we achieve comes through good communications.

We work alongside you as a true partner, part of your team, and together we can reach our common goal.

Avoiding crisis situations is fundamental and achievable only through a constant flow of quality information. 

Your/our well-being above all else

In the effort to minimise further spread of COVID-19, people and organisations in every corner of the globe are doing their part in communicating better and more safely.

We are doing our part to ensure that everyone is safeguarded while still fulfilling that connection between the people and their needs.

By staying safe we will save lives.

See more on Lobina’s proactive response to Time-Critical Transport during Covid-19


You can contact us 24 hours a day for enquiries, support or item tracking. Logistics never sleep – and neither do we.

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