Deeds, not Just Words

Deeds, not Just Words

Deeds, not Just Words

Doing what you say you are going to do: it’s not rocket science. Words on their own mean nothing unless you intend to follow through and turn them into action.

It was right at the start of the Lobina Transport story, back in the 1960s, that the foundations for our future success were laid. Our founder, Gino Lobina knew that people did business with those they liked and trusted. It’s an ethos that has been continued by his son Simon and grandson Luigi.

Almost 60 years ago, Gino began importing high quality Italian produce, including olive oil, salami, pasta, tomatoes and wine, and selling and delivering it to Italian families who had made their homes in England. The business thrived and grew because of the long term relationships the Lobina family forged with the Italian communities. Loyalty, reliability and honesty were their watchwords. Soon they were being asked to deliver parcels, arrange removals of furniture and many more transport jobs between Sardinia, Italy and the United Kingdom. Gino’s son Simon recalls: “It wasn’t like a traditional driver’s job. We were invited in to the homes of our customers for meals, and to spend the night. We had earned their trust and their respect.”

In the second of five articles about our company culture, we will look at how we live the commitment to our clients every day and honour our promises.

We put our clients’ needs first and always deliver what we say

We never just ‘talk the talk’ – we ‘walk the walk’ as well.

Words are cheap and any business can claim on its website that it offers a 24/7 service. It’s a source of huge pride to all of us who work for Lobina that we live up to every promise and statement we make. If a client needs us in the middle of the night they will speak to a real person, not an answering service, and we can launch into action to help them when they need us most.

We stay at the cutting-edge of innovative solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Three generations of experience in doing things the ‘Lobina way’ has given us a huge depth of knowledge and contacts in our industry. We never over-promise and under-deliver. We are thorough and we have attention to detail, so our clients’ needs always come first.

All the members of our teams are more than capable of thinking creatively and imaginatively. They are empowered and encouraged to think outside the box so that we never fail to provide multiple options for our clients at their time of greatest need.

Our customers never have to chase us for updates. We respect that their time is valuable and we keep them informed from the moment they book with us until their delivery is safely completed. We always treat others as we would want to be treated. It’s that simple.

To read a longer article about the ‘secret sauce’ of company culture at Lobina Transport, take a look at this LinkedIn article by our President of Persistence, Luigi Lobina.


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