Constant Communication Keeps Customer Happy

Constant Communication Keeps Customer Happy

Constant Communication Keeps Customer Happy

  • Last minute Problem – Client had been let down by another company
  • Production line was being held up as the client waited for deliveries
Why Lobina was the top choice to help:
  • We provide fast options and get to work swiftly
  • Our connections and experience allow us to source the transport and drivers needed
  • Monitoring of progress 24 hours a day and adapting our approach if problems arise
  • Open and honest communication and total transparency
  • Client was happy because we managed their expectations and told them what was happening at every stage

At Lobina Transport we LOVE problems, or to be more specific we love SOLVING problems for our clients.

And we do help people and companies – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The bigger the challenge the more we get a buzz from coming up with a solution.

We are more than happy to be the company that people turn to when things have not turned out right with their first choice company.

Do we feel offended that they didn’t choose us in the first place?

Absolutely not!

When we can turn around a bad situation it’s often how we win a loyal customer for life.

Customer had been let down – so we stepped up

We received a request for 25 trucks, some standard size and some mega trucks, on a Monday at 11.50h because the client had been let down by another supplier. We wasted no time and put an option together swiftly that was accepted by the client just 20 minutes later. The first truck was in position about an hour after the client confirmed they wanted to work with us.

Our option involved running a 24-hour operation with constant monitoring by us and the intention of finishing all the work by the Thursday evening.

The major problem was that loading the standard trucks, which the client had requested, was taking longer than anticipated. As soon as we realised this we brought in a contingency plan and replaced all the standard trailers with additional mega trucks to help with faster loading and speed up the operation.

Honest and open communication kept customer happy

Continual monitoring of operations and updating the client on progress is Lobina’s number one priority. Whether the news is good or bad we communicate it honestly and regularly and never sugar-coat the pill. If we spot a flaw with the clients’ original instructions, we will alert them and suggest alternatives.

In this particular job there was a constant flow of trucks being loaded and others being unloaded. The extra time that was spent trying to load the standard trucks caused a knock-on effect, which meant that the last two trucks were unloaded in the early hours of Friday morning instead of Thursday evening.

Because we were in regular communication with the client and monitoring the progress of the job 24 hours a day they knew well in advance that the original deadline would not be met – and they understood why, so they were actually happy with the result and our high standard of customer service and attention to detail.

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