Lobina and Derbyshire Institute of Sport – The Perfect Partnership

Lobina and Derbyshire Institute of Sport – The Perfect Partnership

Lobina and Derbyshire Institute of Sport – The Perfect Partnership

We’re thrilled to announce that Lobina is now a major sponsor of the Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS) – a unique organisation that helps talented Derbyshire youngsters becomes future world class athletes.

Our managing director Luigi Lobina said the mission of DIS tugged at the heartstrings of everyone at the company and they wanted to help. He also saw there were a lot of similarities in the approach of the two organisations.

He said: “Here are a bunch of young athletes, pushing to be the best that they can be. That’s the same at Lobina. We made a connection because we have similar values. Why not try and help push them to get to world class when we’re trying to get to world class together?

“The idea is we have to support each other. It’s about training somebody up to be the best that they can be, which is what we are doing with our teams here at Lobina every day.”

Luigi is the third generation of the Lobina family to run the business and he recognised and appreciated the same ‘family vibe’ in the athletes, coaches and support staff at DIS.

“They all care about each other – and that’s important,” he said.

He was also impressed with the never-say-die attitude of the athletes and said Lobina staff members shared the mindset of ‘You win or learn – you never lose’.

He added: “Many athletes at DIS will have bad days, but that attitude they have is so similar to us at Lobina. It’s how you deal with the problems and push forward. If we’ve made a mistake, the owner of the company Simon has always taught us ‘Put your hand up say you’ve made the mistake, don’t dwell on it’. You’ve made a mistake, move forward. How do you get better?

“We dig deep to find our solutions and we dig deep to be the best. So does DIS. It seems like the perfect partnership.”

Head of operations at DIS, Chloe Maudsley, said: “Signing Lobina as a major sponsor is a really important milestone for us. We are really pleased to be working with a firm that’s got exactly the same sort of family values that we have as an organisation.”

Sponsorship from Lobina will help DIS to offer a range of support and coaching to Derbyshire youngsters to help them fulfil their dreams of competing at future Olympics, Paralympics and international championships. DIS nurtures high performance in its athletes through access to services including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, sports psychology and nutrition delivered by people who are all either ex performance athletes or ex performance coaches.  They don’t just know what it takes to be world class, they have lived and breathed it.

Keep visiting our website and our social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter in the months ahead to find out how Derbyshires’ most promising athletes are doing. We’ll also be bringing you exclusive articles written by the support staff at DIS, which contain ideas and approaches that we hope will help you in life and in business.


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