New challenges for the Lobina family

New challenges for the Lobina family

New challenges for the Lobina family

We thrive on new challenges at Lobina Transport. Every day finds us sourcing multiple options for customers who need our freight-forwarding services to get precious, time-critical or mission-critical loads to their destination. So when we were offered the chance to try something totally new and challenge ourselves, of course we said yes. Read what happened when mum and son Susanna and Luca, from our family-owned company, made their first-ever visit to Derby’s Velodrome.

We know that there’s always more than one way of getting from A to B and we proved it during a recent Friday afternoon with a difference.

When we got a call asking us if we fancied a go at track cycling at Derby Velodrome, courtesy of our friends at Derbyshire Institute of Sport and Huub, sponsors of the Huub Wattbike team, we said ‘yes’.

Well, Luca, our Organiser of Good Ideas, said ‘yes’ and his mum Susanna, our marketing manager and chief creator of calm, was a little more cautious about what she was letting herself in for, but she agreed to move out of her comfort zone and try something new.

Competitive instincts shine through

It was a really fun afternoon trying out the facilities that are used by champion cyclists and para-cyclists and can also be used by companies who want to try a different activity with staff to help team-bonding or celebrate a business milestone.

Luca’s competitive instincts shone through as he quickly got used to riding the specially-designed fixed-gear track cycle, which has no brakes, and was soon able to accelerate and climb the velodrome’s banked track.

“No brakes!” said Susanna, in horror! But she rose to the challenge and was soon circling the track. Her tactic was to play it safely and stay on the inside track, making steady progress. She and Luca has different styles and techniques, but they both got from A to B.

When the track cycling was over, Susanna and Luca were thrilled to pick up some tips from Jacob Tipper and Dan Bigham of the awesome Huub Wattbike team. If you’ve not heard their story yet – where have you been? – here’s a video from January 2019 explaining how they took on the world in style:

Striving to be world class

We have nothing but admiration for people who follow their dreams and pull out all the stops to be world class. That’s the journey we are on too. Dan, Jacob and the team are at home in the velodrome and that’s where they demonstrate their expertise. Our skills and knowledge come to the fore when we get a call from a client – at any hour of the day or night – who needs us to step in and find options fast to get their goods from A to B (and sometimes on to C and D too).

It’s a team effort at Lobina too, and our love of a challenge means we’re also going to be tackling a special static bike challenge in the office too. After all, the rest of the team who didn’t go to the velodrome need a chance to show us what they can do too. Check back here soon for more on our cycling challenge!


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