Three Generations of Experience

Three Generations of Experience

Three Generations of Experience

Gino Lobina laid the foundations for Lobina Transport when he moved from a little village in Sardinia, Italy, to England in the 1960s.

His natural instinct to help people, and a hunger to carve out a better life for his young family, led to him importing top-quality food and drink from Italy and selling and transporting it to Italian families who had also made England their new home.

The trust Gino inspired in the UK’s Italian communities led to them asking him to move furniture and other goods between the two countries.

His teenage son Simon began to help in the family firm and learn the secrets of moving goods as fast and efficiently as possible by road.

In time, Simon took on the business and it eventually became Lobina Transport. The company developed a reputation for handling tricky and time-critical and shipments.

Simon had learned from his father that the best way to do business was to earn the trust and respect of customers through knowledge and expertise but also through your honesty, strong communication skills and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude.

Individuals, small companies and large blue chip organisations, wanting cargo more quickly than your average transport company could manage, soon came to rely on Lobina’s ability to create multiple, innovative options.

For example, a major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive company in Germany needed an urgent shipment and Lobina was the only company, out of many who were asked, who could provide a solution.

This was a turning point and Simon soon recognised the fact that within the Lobina family they had abilities, knowledge and persistence that other companies could not match.

In 2009, Simon’s son Luigi joined the company – completing three generations of experience for Lobina Transport.

Unusually, Lobina has never taken on a full-time employee with a background in logistics and transportation. Instead, Simon and Luigi prize the qualities of persistence, honesty, enthusiasm, communication, creative thinking, willingness to learn and a passion to win.

This gives them a competitive edge because while Lobina now has decades of knowledge, contacts and expertise to handle the most challenging logistics tasks, their solutions are never constrained by a ‘this is the way we have always done it’ mindset.

That is why Lobina can be relied upon to come up with options when other transport companies can’t.

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