Time-critical transport

Lobina is a renowned expert when it comes to time-critical transportation. Our knowledge and resources, combined with our extended network of trusted suppliers, ensure a professional, dependable service that delivers your cargo anywhere – and on time, every time.

  • Your one-stop shop for all transport requirements
  • We deliver anything – from important documents to heavy machinery
  • 24/7/365 service, including telephone support
  • We have never failed to meet a customers’ transport needs

Ground Expedite

Lobina’s Ground Expedite service connects you with over 5,000 strictly vetted suppliers across Europe. Planned carefully with expert knowledge, and taking into account ever-changing local conditions, dedicated road transport can be a time and cost-efficient answer to your needs – and we’ll keep you updated around the clock.

Air Charter

Our Global Air Charter is designed to meet urgent needs, no matter how big your cargo or its destination. Even when other options have been exhausted, or aren’t available, we’ll work with you to find the most appropriate and cost-effective way to deliver goods quickly and safely.

Onboard Courier

Lobina’s professional onboard courier team can help with everything from flight bookings to global customs regulations. We’re available 24/7/365 to help with whatever you need, including guarantees on the highest levels of security for your shipments, and overseeing complex and time-critical operations throughout the journey.

Solving problems is

what we do, every day

Industries we serve

Lobina have worked tirelessly over the years to meet every transport request, establishing ourselves as one of the leading transport solution specialists in numerous industries.


When AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations occur, Lobina’s network of trusted suppliers works around the clock to resolve them. This can mean sourcing parts from anywhere in the world and delivering them swiftly and securely to wherever the aircraft is grounded.

Oil & Gas

Equipment downtime can halt an entire rig’s production, so a single component failure can mean significant loss of revenue. Lobina’s emergency logistics expertise helps you address such problems, by sourcing and delivering parts within exceptionally short timescales.


Lobina Transport works with major vehicle manufacturers to ensure their parts reach production lines and achieve ‘Just-In-Time’ methodology – and supports dynamic manufacturing footprints. With our expertise and experience, we can help you prevent production-line downtime.


Lobina works with a range of pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing time-critical transport support for product launches and the release of derivative pharmaceuticals. We offer guaranteed road and air transport worldwide, ensuring your pharmaceutical cargo arrives on time and in perfect clinical condition.


Businesses worldwide depend on resilient communications infrastructures, from voice calls to internet and email. Failures are often heavily penalised, and can damage reputations significantly, and Lobina fully understands the urgency and precision required to support the telecoms sector and remain a trusted partner.


We work extensively with marine corporations. Often, this means applying emergency logistics to deliver parts to vessels – at sea or docked – in remarkably short timescales. Lobina can help you reduce the financial impact of vessels delayed by technical failures.


Mining operations typically rely on a small number of very expensive specialist machines, so any interruption can have a significant effect on production and profits. To keep downtime to an absolute minimum, Lobina will deliver vital parts and components of all sizes to wherever you need them, within hours.

Onboard courier

Security and Speed

What our clients say

Over 10 years in the time-critical logistics sector has given Lobina vast experience and knowledge of an ever-changing industry. Every client, and every need, is different – which is why our network of long-term suppliers is so crucial to our success, and helps us provide a 5-star logistics service every time.

  • Aviation CompanyLogistics Manager

    “The delivery performance Lobina provides is an important part of our company’s continued success as an acting 4PL. Their proactive approach, and their responsiveness to such valuable and critical loads, is of exceptional quality.”
  • Heavy Equipment Company

    “I have found Lobina’s service levels excellent. They provide a high-class service with excellent communication and great knowledge of the industry.”
  • Automotive CompanyManager

    “For the past three years, Lobina has been integral to our operations, helping us deliver excellence to our customers.”
  • Automotive Company Director

    “There are three main qualities I look for in a haulier in my line of work; speed, reliability and competitive pricing. At times, unforeseen and often critical situations can arise, and Lobina Transport has always ticked all three of these boxes – more often than not, when no-one else could.”

Guaranteed solution for

Any time-critical issue


You can contact us 24 hours a day for enquiries, support or item tracking. Logistics never sleep – and neither do we.

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