Lobina’s Christmas Solution Was A Gift To Stressed-out Client

Lobina’s Christmas Solution Was A Gift To Stressed-out Client

Lobina’s Christmas Solution Was A Gift To Stressed-out Client

 Problem Aircraft on Ground:
  • Aircraft on Ground just before Christmas, when many companies are shutting up shop.
  • Oversized cargo needed moving from Scotland to Paris.
  • Multiple challenges and complications out-of-hours and at the weekend.
Why Lobina was the top choice to help:
  • Lobina’s close relationships with trusted suppliers.
  • Teamwork by Lobina round-the-clock as Christmas approached.
  • Our flexible approach to changing instructions from clients.
  • Persistence and forward planning.
  • Knowledge of permit situation driving oversized cargo through France.
  • Success, and a happy airline client

Weekend and evening emergencies, complicated international permits, last-minute changes to instructions, tight deadlines and low availability of vehicles are all problems that would fox many transport companies.

Not Lobina Transport.

We rose above ALL those challenges in ONE job – and it was just a few days before Christmas too!

Straight into action the Friday before Christmas

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations rack up huge costs to airlines. It means that there is a problem that is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. It’s all hands to the pumps to get hold of the parts needed to put the aircraft back into the air and minimise delays or cancellations of flights.

In this case it was the Friday evening before Christmas when Lobina Transport was called about an aircraft that was grounded in Paris and urgently required an oversized part that was available in Scotland.

An air charter option had been ruled out because it was going to take too long to get permits organised on the last weekend before Christmas and there was little or no space available on flights at that time of year.

Lobina had been recommended to this airline to move the part by road from Scotland to Paris. Many transport companies close down when Christmas is only days away and most drivers are reluctant to take on international work because of the risk of missing the holiday with their families. However, with our tried and trusted connections we were able to source a suitable vehicle and driver to collect the part the next day and we confirmed the details just before 21.00h on the Friday.

Although Lobina was originally asked to drive the aircraft part directly to Paris, early on Saturday morning the instructions changed and we were asked to only drive the cargo as far as Heathrow Airport. We successfully delivered the aircraft part and offloaded it at the airport at 06.00h on the Sunday.

Plans change just one hour later – but we can fix it

One hour later, Lobina was asked to collect the part again because permission to fly the oversized cargo from Heathrow to Paris had been declined at the last minute leaving this particular airline with a monster of a headache.

Our job is to be flexible and adaptable, so we came up trumps again on a Sunday and found another driver and another suitable truck who agreed to collect the part from the airport at 9pm that night. We are always prepared for these kinds of situations and have fostered brilliant working relationships with hauliers and suppliers so that we know just who to call on when a client is in a predicament – even when Christmas is coming up fast!

In France, each region has different permits for oversized cargo, but Lobina successfully put together a plan to ensure that we could handle these complications and drive the aircraft part to Paris in the quickest time possible.

Lobina delivered the cargo to Paris on Monday at 22.00h without any further delays.

Our client was delighted as the cargo was delivered in the fastest way possible saving the airline time and more importantly offering excellent value and preventing extra delays and costs.

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