We can choose how we react when tough times and challenges hit our lives and businesses

We can choose how we react when tough times and challenges hit our lives and businesses

We can choose how we react when tough times and challenges hit our lives and businesses

We will all face tough times and difficult challenges in our lives and in our businesses. Sometimes circumstances are outside our control, but one thing we always have control over is how we REACT to what fate throws at us.

In our business of time-critical, freight-forwarding, our plans for journeys across Europe can be disrupted by extreme weather, road closures, major traffic disruption, national holidays and industrial action – to name just a few!

What defines us is how we react. We always have multiple options for our clients, so they get the best service possible. We never go quiet and stop communicating – we keep our clients informed with honest updates and estimated arrival times at every stage of the journey.

Digging deep and working hard

Susanna, our marketing manager, has been sharing some more stories on LinkedIn about our Lobina family history and how the choices her dad, her brother and other members of the Lobina family have made and how their experiences have shaped the company as we head into 2020.

One of these stories features a devastating road accident that Susanna’s dad Gino suffered in his truck just 41 days after she was born in 1966. He was in a cast for 12 months and it took a further year before he was fully-recovered and able to get behind the wheel and continue his delivery rounds.

In this story, Susanna writes: “When our lives become harder and sadder than we would like, we can throw in the towel and give up; we can sit on the floor and cry ‘Why me?!’ or we can dig deep and work hard to get our lives back on track.”

She added: “It’s not surprising that my brother Simon has inherited my dad’s fierce streak of determination. It’s safe to say that whatever fate throws at him, Simon has always done his utmost to get back on his feet and fight on as quickly as possible.”

Building relationships of trust and confidence

The next story in the series looks at a milestone in the history of the Lobina family, which was when Gino branched out on his own, in 1975, and became his own boss. His way of doing business set the foundations for the way we work today.

Gino knew he had to be someone his clients could rely on. This meant that he had to be dependable and consistent. Customers who ordered his products knew the quality would always be high and they could expect him to deliver when he said he would. In this way he built relationships of trust and confidence.

As well as keeping his existing clients happy and loyal to him, this also became the main way that Gino won new customers and grew his business.

Susanna writes: “When my dad was his own boss in the 1970s, there was no Internet and social media. In fact my dad didn’t use any traditional marketing campaigns or spend money on advertising because his business grew strongly and steadily from word of mouth recommendations.

“Provide good service – be consistent – and people will start shouting your name left, right and centre!”


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