Three generations of experience

Lobina’s dedication to being the best has made us independently recognised as a leading specialist in worldwide transport logistics. A family-run business, we have three generations of knowledge, and over 25 years of extensive experience in the business. Having progressed from catering consignments to alternative specialist logistics – and then to the increasingly demanding time-critical industry, we've developed a thorough understanding of clients’ needs. This means we’ve developed solid relationships with a growing network of trusted partners, and are poised to provide an exceptional service.

Today, we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Whatever the situation, we can say with confidence that our knowledge and experience means you will always enjoy a professional and specialised response.

Our expertise is unrivalled, and Lobina will always offer a solution to meet your needs, no matter how complex or urgent.

Many say it, but few can genuinely promise it: whatever you need, we won't let you down.

It all started with one very urgent shipment coming in from eastern Germany for a major OEM automotive company. Of the many providers the client approached, Lobina was the only company equipped and ready to provide a solution. This was a turning point for us, as we recognised we could take on the challenges others might turn down, or not compete with us on.

With this realisation, we started to develop inventive, creative and resourceful transportation techniques, and developed a reputation for getting it done, whatever it takes. This, in turn, attracted some of the largest, most well known brands from across the sectors, including aviation, automotive, and oil and gas clients.

Fast-forward 10 years, and Lobina was becoming increasingly renowned and sought-after. Not just in the groupage/co-load industry, but also as a ‘can do’ provider across the sectors.

Individuals, small companies and large blue-chip organisations needing cargo to move faster than standard groupage shipments, soon realised Lobina was their first choice for efficiency and reliability.

The Lobina Transport Services story began in a small village in Sardinia, Italy, when Gino Lobina discovered his natural instinct for helping people, and for finding creative ways to tackle complex challenges.

He soon found himself providing removals services for locals, and ended up delivering Italian delicacies regularly to the UK market. His reputation grew fast, as he developed a trusted network of groupage contacts.


Three generations of


The Lobina Way

We want your business, and we aim to keep it – by earning your trust and becoming an asset to your organisation. We already have well-established partnerships with major players in the Automotive, Aerospace, Space and Defence, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Emergency Aid sectors. We are supporting several large industrial projects, but we’re always looking to expand and develop as industry leaders. That’s The Lobina Way.

Our staff are trained in The Lobina Way. They understand what it means to be professional but personal. They tackle challenges with positivity and creativity. They foresee problems and work around them before they happen, and multitask to ensure all aspects of your requirement – even those you might not have considered – are dealt with professionally. All of us at Lobina thrive on understanding your needs and earning your trust, so your experience of working with us will stick in the memory for all the right reasons.

One call to Lobina will meet your transport needs. This leaves you to focus on your business, knowing you’re in safe, capable and experienced hands.

  • Meeting your needs 24/7/365
  • Tailored updates by phone, text and email
  • Industrial projects worldwide
  • Dedicated groupage
  • Your one-stop shop for all transport requirements
  • Emergency Aid Worldwide Assistance

Thinking outside the box


Experience, insight and knowlegde

We have never failed to meet a transport challenge, no matter the size, weight, delicacy or timeframe. This is mostly because we have that ‘family’ touch, where our staff and partners are loyal, dependable and tightly connected.

If there’s ever a problem, we work around the clock to sort it. Everyone in the Lobina office has an awareness of every job, and it’s status at any given time.

Here are the key Lobina staff that earn your trust and keep things moving:

  • Simon Lobina
    Company Director Linkedin Profile Link

    Oversees Lobina’s unbeatable customer service and ensures the day-to-day business runs smoothly and efficiently – while handling the major strategic decisions that ensure the business continues to develop and thrive.

  • Rosa Lobina
    Company Director

    Expertly dealing with business development and strategy, and managing the business’ accounts.

  • Luigi Lobina
    Key Account / Sales Manager Linkedin Profile Link

    Customer satisfaction is what drives Luigi. His expertise focuses on making sure existing customers continue to love what we do for them, and continuously attracting new clients.

  • Niko Lobina
    Time Critical Global Transport Manager Linkedin Profile Link

    Dealing expertly with complex and timely transport needs, and keeping clients fully up to date with consignments’ progress.

  • Susanna Lobina
    Time-critical Transport Solution Specialist Linkedin Profile Link

    Dealing expertly with complex and timely transport needs, and keeping clients fully up to date with consignments’ progress.

  • Fernando Lobina
    Head of Media and Advertising

    Controls the advertising budget and manages Lobina’s brand image and communications.

  • Lucio Martinazzoli
    Key Account / Sales Manager Linkedin Profile Link

    Keeping existing clients happy, and attracting new ones.

  • Vaidas Bernotas
    Time-critical Transport Solution Specialist

    Dealing expertly with complex and timely transport needs, and keeping clients fully up to date with consignments’ progress.

  • Lorenzo Lobina
    Warehouse Manager

    Manages the smooth running of warehouse goods and storage operations.

  • Julie Severn
    Accounts Manager

    Ensures everything keeps moving along nicely, and that everyone gets paid on time.

  • Szymon Goska
    Director (Polish Branch)

    Szymon manages sales and operations at Lobina’s new Polish branch and ensures the day-to-day business runs smoothly and efficiently.


You can contact us 24 hours a day for enquiries, support or item tracking. Logistics never sleep – and neither do we.

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